Team member

Zahra Butt

Engagment Producer

Meet Zahra, an accomplished Boxing Coach, Domestic Abuse Consultant, specialising in Honour Based Abuse and Engagement Producer with a passion for equality, ending violence and abuse against women and young girls, amplifying diverse voices and fostering inclusive communities. With a background in community development, and a fervent belief in social justice Zahra is committed to creating positive change, amplifying voices that often go unheard and sparking meaningful conversations.

Her commitment to social change is evident in her strategic approach to community engagement, where she actively seeks out opportunities to feature underrepresented perspectives and champion social justice issues. Zahra’s journey has been as pursuit of authenticity and a determination to break down barriers. Her work extends beyond conventional boundaries, striving to make a positive impact on society by fostering connections and understanding through digital and interactive experiences.

Zahra engages with local communities to identify needs and implement initiatives that promote growth and well-being. Having worked upon more than 40 community-based projects, her approach is rooted in collaboration, ensuring that community members are active participants in shaping their own futures. To learn more about her work please visit

Pronouns: she/her