New Amanda Whittington production for 2013

In 2013 Fifth Word will be working with renowned playwright Amanda Whittington to develop and produce her new play Amateur Girl.
Gary says it’s not about glamour no more.  Men want girls in their own home, them who look like your neighbour or your best mate’s wife.  Them who you could have in real life.  Amateur girls.
Julie is a likeable auxiliary nurse, working long hours for a low wage in a Nottingham hospital.  She cares for the elderly but although not yet 40, she wonders if her best days are behind her.  Clubbing with the girls breaks the routine but Julie longs for some real excitement and a bit of spare cash.
When her new boyfriend buys a camcorder, Julie sees a lucrative new career on the horizon. She’s drawn into the world of the amateur girls; the so-called stars of home-made pornography on satellite TV and the internet.  Yet Julie new life can’t stay secret for long. What starts as a bit of fun becomes anything but.
Based on real-life stories, Amateur Girl is a hard-hitting, poignant yet wryly amusing play about the reality behind the fantasy business.
“An admirably non-judgmental account of the realities of subsisting on a minimum wage… Whittington has crafted a perceptive and compassionate account of a vivacious but vulnerable character”
The Guardian **** (Hull Truck Production 2009)

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